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Your Story in Music

This is a project where you, dear friend, can give me your ideas, themes, emotions, a story, a lyric, and/or an event that you want to hear represented in a piece of piano music or song. I'll then select I then have a conversation with you over Zoom to represent your thoughts and story in a piano song on a video and recital that speaks to that idea. It can be an original piece of music that I write or it can be an already existing piece that would be dedicated to you on a video, recording or live performance.

Misty Woodland

Songs that Represent Something or Someone Important to You

There was a poet in Germany. His name was Heinrich Heine. He once said, "Where words leave off, music begins." So, I have a question for you: do you have an emotion, a story, an event that you would like to hear represented in music? Maybe you would like to honor someone in your memory or life by commissioning a piece of music. This project will be accepting the form below from folks all over the world. I will write or perform a piece of piano music every month based upon a submission that I feel I could represent well. So - share your heart, ideas and let's make something unique together.


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