In the coaching that I have received, it has been pointed out to me that my biggest weakness right not is in planning. And so, the month of April will be dedicated to changing this weakness into a strength with two pieces: 1. Delegation 2. Time set aside.

We need to realize that we cannot be strong in every area of leadership or life. My delegation has gotten better over the years but there is always room for improvement. The speed at which I delegate has to improve as well. But, without a plan - things fall a part.

And that's why I need to set aside time to plan and do a systems check on a regular basis. I have a lot going on at the moment but with a solid plan of execution, I can get it done.

Here are the things that I need to personally reset:

  1. I am recording a brilliant piece by Gustav Hoyer this month. I play for the composer next Tuesday evening. The piece is learned and this week I will execute on the details.

  2. I am learning the Liszt Sonata. Initially, I had planned on performing it on Twitch in March. As of right now, the new date will be June 2nd in the evening. I will now re-engineer the plan of executing for that piece. This is a personal project that I need to complete for myself.

  3. I am working on details related to 'Keynote Concerts'. If you are interested in this process, please DM me and I can point you to the company that I am working with to accomplish this. There are 3 more steps that I need to execute on by the end of April.

  4. I am launching a course online this summer for private music teachers that will help them in building a profitable, impactful and engaging online music studio. The coaching that I am receiving in building this course has deadlines and a plan that I need to follow. Stay tuned. In large part, this process has challenged me the most in how I plan in life.

  5. The podcast, 'Toward Creativity' has been delayed a week. I am lining up guests and interviews. If all goes according to plan, the podcast will launch this week.

  6. We are launching new programs in the School of Music at Cairn University. I announced on Instagram that we have a new BA in music and an MBA program that would be completed in 5 years. Students are already inquiring about the program. I am so excited for the directions that we are pursuing in the School of Music by which we are creating pathways for sustainable, creative careers.

  7. In re-assembling the congregation after COVID, we are building out our music technology at Riverstone Church with creative planning. I am so grateful for our team as we begin to bring our church back together in person.

  8. Because of the plan by the Nike Run App and accountability with my friend, Phil Robertson, I am ready to run a half-marathon on April 24. Can't wait. With a solid plan you can accomplish a lot.

Thank you for reading this 'journal' entry. If I can help in anyway in thinking through planning in your own work, please let me know. I hope that the above list is an encouragement in the area of planning and execution. Let's go!

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